An in depth evaluation of a poem, The Thrill of the Chase 

by Mr. Forrest Fenn

Get a hard copy of the poem and number the lines.

June 16, 2016 

By Tim Walker

Behind these Scenes: 

You can scroll past, I probably wood.

58-year-old man 

Retired Biomedical Engineer

San Diego, California

Background in medical device manufacturing                           We decide what is necessary and my contributions figured out how to put it together. From single hands on one at a time, to fully automated PLC controlled pneumatics. I also provided all of the necessary documentation.              I was a behind the scenes guy. Not the sales or upper management guy.        I made important contributions to the end product, they weren't flashy, just necessary.                                                      Hours of analyzing and dissecting high speed automated assembly equipment. Finding the root cause of failure and making the necessary repair.       Countless new procedures and modification to present methods.

I own a small piece of land and spend my time with my many fruit trees and year round vegetable garden. I have numerous home improvement projects I have undertaken since retirement.

I am married and have a 38-year-old daughter that requires 24-hour supervision.  She is my treasure.

My hobbies include: fishing, model making, Texas Hold’em, sewing and    picture puzzles to name a few. I began collecting coins in 1980.

The majority of my net worth has come from real estate and the stock market.

Labor creates income and investments create wealth.  

I believe my background is what inspired me to publish this site.

When I see a list I see it as something that needs accomplished.

Oddly enough this project was never on the list. 

Mr. Fenns’ poem is just such a list and of course a challenge.

I want to contribute, so it can be accomplished.

That’s what I know.

That’s what I am accustomed to.

That’s what I want to see-accomplishment.

I know I will not be able to do it alone.

So get your team together and don’t forget Karma, she is ever vigilant.

Up to this point everybody’s attitude has been all about me, me, me.

Well I am here to change that.

This site is dedicated to those who have accepted and embraced the challenge. 

Everybody and anybody can use the insights that follow, to find treasure.       I hope you do use this information and I also hope you find it.

I would like to see the treasure trove found. Plain and Simple.

New people welcome. This help may put the new searcher on an even keel with those who have been long time searchers and think sharing would be a sin.

I am offering it to all for free. I am not expecting anything in return. Believe it. 

If I make a few enemies along the way, so be it. It would be an example of the selfishness I have experienced when communicating with others in regards to the hunt. Go with clean hands.

Here is my disclaimer and I will only say it once...

This is my interpretation of the poem based on my research which may include info from others, websites, maps, the dictionary and my own intuitiveness. 

I have no idea what is what is right and what is wrong in regards to my interpretations and comments on the poem/hunt. It is not in my back pocket. Should somebody find the treasure and every single one of my thoughts are proven dead wrong, then so be it.

I feel good about myself. I tried, I searched, I gave it my best shot.            “Your mission Jim, should you choose to accept it…..”

I share these thoughts in the hopes somebody, anybody, I don’t care who (preferably a team) finds the trove. 

It’s possible information I present will trigger a thought, enabling your team to be successful. Take the ideas of my brainstorming and explore them.

Read what I have to offer. Accept it, Reject it, Take it at face value.

If you choose to laugh and call me an idiot, (an IQ of 0-25) that’s your prerogative.

I could care less.

If somebody uses this info and finds the trove, I say Far Out!

Enjoy it, share it. don’t keep it a secret. Bask in the glow, you deserve it.      The increase in monetary value when you add Mr. Fenns name and      treasure hunt to it will be worth the effort and expense.

Take photos and compare the blaze.                                Might be the treasure will be applauding as well.

The information I am sharing contains: 

Thought stimulating ideas

Suggestions on how to progress

My perspective

A general perspective

Motivation to start/continue the hunt

My solve, at least 20 spots in New Mexico alone 

Final Summary just prior to publish 

Curious George

Vacation idea

A letter to Mr. Fenn 

Mr. Forrest Fenns' poem and treasure is an intriguing opportunity to enrich our lives spiritually, mentally, physically and of course a potential financial windfall as well.

I accepted his challenge. I studied, read the poem countless times. I lost my fingerprints on my tablet screen searching internet maps. I looked up the definition of many of the words in the poem. I researched the translation of words, primarily in Spanish but other languages as well.                   This is the synergy of my endeavor. 

At the start of this writing, I have at least 80 hours invested. I then bought the book The Thrill of the Chase in hardback. As far as clues/hints in the book:

Forrest indicates there are indeed clues/hints in the book. I didn’t see anything that jumped out and took a piece of my fanny. If you detect any, make sure you are not force fitting them to agree with your potential solve. Or creating imaginary illusions. They should slide in as an afterthought. I do recall him mentioning his hand turning brown when he rubbed it against something.     My friend has the book. He also regaled about the falls he spied through the clouds. A lot of morals in that story. I propose a sky view is going to play a role in the solve.  

Now that the fluff is out of the way: 

The first thing I did was look up the definitions of at least 20 words in the poem. I know definitions will help. I can come this close to putting a guarantee on it. I had 100+ hours before I looked up the word water. Don’t be that guy.

Here are some examples of other words I researched.                     Take this translation idea and apply it to your own search.

Eureka-  I found it!

Ojo Caliente- health through water

Chama- Portugese- blaze

tierra amarilla- yellow earth- an artist pigment

Abiquiu- Home of artist George O’Keefe

Ponderosa- a large pine tree

Los Alamos- cottonwoods   In the wood?

Jemez- Indian people of Mexico

Cuba- (Taino) where fertile land is abundant

Jara- halt, rest, the best bitch ever

Gallina- yellower, fattier chicken meat

Zia- Arabic/Hebrew- novel, tremble, sun symbol 

Nacimienta- birth or born

You will enrich your vocabulary without even trying. Sweet!

I believe the first stanza talks about placing the treasure in its present location and could very well contain information to be gleaned for the actual treasure location. I rate the first stanza/clues as low, more attention elsewhere, initially.

1     As I have gone alone in there

        Could be talking about Forrest or the chest.

        ‘In there’ might be a clue or part of a clue.

        My concern is Forrest indicated the clues are in consecutive                 order.

        Keep in mind, poetic creativity.

Into the forest, creek, drainage or water pipe, rock formation, tree,      

I am of the thinking; it would be very difficult for this to be the first clue. It may support a later clue. Brown wood, cold, waters halt. 

Telling us he is the only living being that knows.

2    And with my treasures bold,

        Describing the box and contents

        Bold: Adventure, dare, steep, abrupt, necessitating courage.

3    I can keep my secret where,

        Only he knows where it is and he's not telling anybody directly.

You want to know the answer? The line starts out there somewhere. Fortunately, there are cuts to the front of the line. Figure out the Poem and I will see if I can find some red carpet. I’ll roll it out for you and be second in line to shake your hand.

4    And hint of riches new and old.

        Describing the contents. I can see double eagles and a modern             Canadian one-ounce piece.

        Archeology sight, new old rocks

        I do not read too much into this, merely indicating its existence. 

        New and old may be a clue, it would have to be the first

I don’t have a lot to offer on the first stanza. I believe Forrest is setting the stage. Making sure the lighting is just right to emphasize its captivated dreams.

My solve indicates the next eight lines are solid clues.                    Later evaluations have changed my point of view. The next seven lines decided the 8th line was not carrying his burden and assigned that task to you. I recommend help, your hands may be trembling. This is a prime example of not being right on your initial evaluation. Demonstrates the need to be flexible. How after so many hours a new idea may develop. If they keep developing I may not share this after all.

5    Begin it where warm waters halt

        warm: color description, heartfelt, close

Warm water fishery, hot springs,                        where water evaporates or settles into the ground.             at one end of a pipe for cooling.                                       slough, flume, landmark.

Warm may not be relative to human comfort.                 Red, yellow, orange tone on an artist palate                 Warm waters- high quality red, orange or yellow minerals ,close to high quality gems

Warm- sultry, hot on the scent trail, describing ambiance.        Rain 

Begin It- Sure seems to be Forrest is indicating this is the first clue and this where to start. This is one of the clues I believe must be answered before searching. Imagination and communication are two primary keys for this part of the poem.                       My experience and imagination may not help on this clue.

6    And take it in the canyon down,

Once you find your starting point it apparently indicates        going into a canyon.

The word 'down' in this line can be so many things.              So does the word “it”- searcher, imaginary line

Be flexible on this clue, don’t get tunnel vision, until something positively fits. It could mean 50 feet or? It’s possible with the right starting location this clue will fit in and not be a challenge. I would not count on that though.

Canyon- Spanish- tube                                    If you pack it in pack it out.  Take it in- enjoy the view

7    Not far, but too far to walk. 

Situation with this clue is it is not relative with anything apparent. Even if you have your starting point, Mode and Distance are off in the woods somewhere, mocking us with great delight.

Too far to walk can mean so many things. It’s possible there is another part of the poem you can relate it to.

        Some possibilities are swim, climb, fly, crawl or even                     shimmy. Any method of mobility other than run or walk.

I don’t see any ropes for Forrest, or water vessels involved. They would have had to have been packed in and out. Too risky with that kind of cargo. Not totally eliminated as a possibility. I can see up to a 15’ length of 3/8” diameter rope for the chest.

        A rock formation or something you must climb into or                     enter somehow. It must stand the test of time.

A pipe or natural formation, you must crawl into. A conglomeration of water that has its flow, pressure or volume regulated or controlled by man or nature somehow.

Train tracks.

Have you ever gone on a hike and came back and said?         Man that was too far to walk.                              This is a clue that could easily cause confusion.

        It is possible you may have to be onsite, however I think that                 it would sure be nice to have this solve before leaving.

        I hope somebody knows the answer and finds it.

        Reading it backwards didn’t seem to help.

8    Put in below the home of Brown

        Put in: halt, stop

Should WWH and HOB be two totally different locations,         or objects then my thoughts need to be readjusted.

I am leaning towards one location in the solve. 

Because, Solve for Brown and maybe no need to consider             where warm waters halt. 

Consider both options: one for a general/specific sight and two totally different locations for WWH and HOB

        Other bBrowns: 

          Dictionary the “brown color meaning” wow

        Indians- power of self-discipline

          Nazi headquarters- Brown House

        UPS-Pullman Brown

        India- mourning, dying leaves

        Descriptive part of a palette

Molly Brown of Leadville Co. 

Brown bread, Braun in German, Volcanic tuff

Pall, disease, pestilence, bug, tick, rope or habitat of raw materials cooking or heating something on the stove.

The position brown pigment has on an artist’s palette.

Palette medium arranged to their tonal value.

An event that changed the color of the terrain

        You must think outside the box on this particular clue.

        Brown Trout and other common forms of Brown have been 

        researched to death. 

caveat: they may have missed actually seeing the box.  

Missed that teensy-weensy clue or stopped short. 

Not like stopping short on Seinfeld.

        I would not get caught up with the B being capitalized.

Don’t get caught up in the word Brown, there are others as well.

Home- enclosure, encompassing                                       fictitious place where pain, pleasure and doom reside.

Aura, Playing with house money, architecture styles 

        Let the thoughts flow, there are yet to be any wrong answers.

Is there anything that has been mined over the years in the Rockies that may relate to brown? Flora, Fauna, land formation?    

Components needed to make brown pigment

Dying vegetation    

One thing, I have seen tailing ponds. I remember driving by the molybdenum mine on the way to Leadville as a child and let me tell you it was pretty darn brown. It may have since been cleaned up.                                                                  I swear one time I saw a couple of tires and an axle off in the distance.

I believe the four lines in this stanza I just discussed are the key to the initial location and I would not leave the comforts of your abode until I had a high level of confidence on at least a couple of these clues. Forrest indicated the searcher would move with confidence.

9    From there it’s no place for the meek,

I believe this clue is indicating to me that you must do something you don’t do on a routine basis. Climb a tree, move some rocks, get wet, scale something, go under something, climb inside. Skip rope.          A place where one does not tread, Any place around a volcano

Not a critical solve before venturing out; You might eliminate it altogether by the fact that the meek will stay home.

Possibly not even a clue. It would free up another line.

I am surely hoping this does not mean treading where one jeopardizes illegal trespass.

Consider your other senses as well. Smell- Sulphur gas 

Somewhat straightforward talking, I am leaning toward it being a clue. Possibly connected with Brown.

10    The end is ever drawing nigh;

        Move in a particular direction 

Drawing: pulling toward, lowering the water level, a picture or diagram, selection of winners.

Nigh: Left facing animal, petroglyph, near

Having to pull, drag, lift it up, out of something.                  Sure sounds like a key to me. i.e. pull up a comforter on a cold night.  Pull it out/remove 

“drawing” means something or it could have been left out and convey the same message.    

I’m thinking Forrest is indicating I am getting closer, or at the treasure.

I recommend keeping an open mind. There could be two clues here, however I think that chance is small.

I am now of the thinking one line; one clue carries more weight.

A big clue for when you are on site.

Attach this clue to the paddle, up your creek clues, as to the exact location of the chest and it may even tell you, specifically where to look.

i.e.  remove the chest while at the next (paddle) clue. Consider adding “wood” to this as well. 

The chest is not in my back pocket. Fortunately, there a few small treasures

Banter with your chosen team, it is amazing what can spring forth at times.

11    There'll be no paddle up your creek,

        Paddle: dabble hands and feet in water

        fin or flipper of an aquatic animal or bird

        walk with bare feet in shallow water

        paddle wheel boat, propel

It could be you have come to where an outfall pipe             flow enters the river or larger body of water.

Up- sun up, against the current or wind, movement toward         a position in the North

There’ll/There will  6/6  or a code in the contraction

water supply pipe open or closed 

        up the outfall stream to a source pipe 

or even much further upstream say to a location on the map or in the poem that has significance. 

For example, I found and translated city names Jara, Cuba and    Charma among others, they all have interesting names that could easily fit. Look up the definition of any word you see on a map. Translate anything that appears to have foreign origin and even those that don’t.

Look for water that flows in a controlled manner.               A streambed, moat, pipe, irrigation ditch that will not change appreciably over time. A watershed that is ancient or has ceased to flow. Headwaters

I would shy away from waterways that have high flow rates or are unpredictable. Its possible there is a tie in with too far to walk as well

I rate this as a clue. A tough clue. One that would be nice to solve in your armchair.

If you are on sight at the clue, appraise your surroundings before moving any further

This could be the final location cold and/or wood specifying   modes of action, which may not be far.                              


12    Just heavy loads and water high.

        loads: lodes, rocks, dirt, wood. Keep in mind the mining that                 has taken place over the years in the Rocky Mountains.

        The mental aspect of the chase, the chest itself

water high- holding pond, fish hatchery, wet, waterfall, cooling pond

possibly in behind a small waterfall, remember erosion.

On my fifth revision I decided to dictionary the word water.       Was it ignorance or arrogance that kept me from doing that in the beginning? Of the six definitions listed, I knew the four that probably had the least significance.

It does not necessarily invalidate my solve.

This exemplifies the importance of word definition and flexibility on the part of the cryptology. 

There are no wrong answers, until we can hear the word Eureka.    Even if ever so faintly, off in the distance.

Share your thoughts with each other, even impulse ideas,         a light bulb first then the chest

water- one of the four elements of ancient philosophy 

an amniotic fluid that surrounds a fetus

dilute, feed, something to drink

the quality of transparency and brilliance shown by a diamond or other gem

Another option:  Lodes-High Quality and not a location clue at all.


You may have to look just below the surface. a metal detector or a three-foot section of rebar to poke into the ground. Show proper respect- Karma

Another of the clues that would be ideal to solve before venturing

As I have mentioned, I have the previous eight lines as solid clues. 

The diamond and gem reference in the definition of water could, and probably eliminates this as a clue altogether. Rats I would think of that now,          my 6th correction. That’s OK, a valuable lesson. 

Consider the word “just”. It is a word that separates. Not a clue, the treasure.

More probable is that the clue is somewhere down the line.                The lines that contain cold and wood are a much better choice.

It could be a hint though.

Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared

I have not made a clear distinction of my ninth clue.

I raise this flag as a possibility: 

Nine in Spanish is Nueva. Nuevo Mexico. It is a stretch, I know, but I am not discounting it.

Creative thinking will bring home the bacon.

13     If you've been wise and found the blaze,

I believe this is a place where people are spending too much time

researching or believing the blaze is a symbol to be seen.

I believe there is no symbol of any kind to be seen. If there were,

somebody could stumble across it and not have to solve the poem.

I have a hard time believing Forrest set it up this way.

Let’s take a look at a few of the definitions for the word blaze.

    Zia: sun symbol, New Mexico flag, check others too.

    White spot on a bird or mammal

    cotton wood trees- Los Alamos in Spanish

    mark made on a tree

    white stripe running the length of a horse’s head

and the one I cotton to the most...

    “Achieve something in an impressive manner.”

I believe the person who finds the trove is the blaze.

Not something to be seen, heard or even tasted.

I believe I saw something where Mr. Fenn changed the poem from bones to blaze. If so, then blaze and its rhyming word may have been changed,         blinding us with its subtle flame.

Don’t get stuck on the word blaze. Spend your time and effort elsewhere. There is a possibility that once you, say move a rock a symbol will become apparent.   There are many more important aspects of this poem that deserve a greater concentration of attention.

Whatever clues you choose, you have to have a place to start.                I seriously doubt it is here.

Use your imagination as to the location, don’t get hooked on my potential solve that could be a mistake. Water will play a role, either in your backpack or associated with the chest.

There is always the equinox or the solstice to consider. Let’s hope not. That could potentially reduce the days of discovery. Ground starting locations that are known only to a few. I am going with a good map to include: Topo, Satellite, street and a pilot’s map, on sight exploration and the poem will solve.

14     Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

I interpret this as saying…   Eureka!  I don’t see a clue here at all.

(In case you are at a loss for words upon discovery and not sure what to say.)

No unusual definitions in the dictionary. Cease and Peace fit beautifully here. 

I would look less than ten feet off of the ground.                         Don’t assume quickly down is from eye level 

You must consider the trooper, size and the weight of the load.

Not counting this as a clue

This is where enthralling dreams begin their life in reality

15    But tarry scant with marvel gaze

Scant- barely sufficient, sheet or block stone or wood cut down to bed or ground level.

    Tarry- I found a definition that indicated slow going, remain, stay,

linger in expectation. Marvel- Look at in wonderment. Covered with pitch  or tar.

I am thinking the chest is already in your hands. I would put this low on the list of information to spend time and effort on, until the treasure is in your pocket.  Then I would say, as much tarry scant with as many people as possible.       Are you pants still dry? I don’t know if I mine would be.

16    Just take the chest and go in peace.

I wonder if this line was difficult for Mr. Fenn to write?

Show proper respect for what you might see.

If his bones are there, a prayer might be in order too.

17    So why is it I must go   The conductor arrives

        Must- dampness expressing opinion, obligated,

        Something that must not be overlooked or missed

        Grape juice before/during fermentation.

        Animal in heat i.e. male elephant

It could be he is questioning why he must die at an early age.

Pretty sure there is not much here to help with a start location.

Explaining why, setting up for what follows in the poem.

18    And leave my trove for all to seek?    Takes a bow

        Trove- found with an unknown owner

Found unexpectedly

Any valuable discovery. 

    Low chance of being a clue

19    The answer I already know,    Preamble

It’s possible he is considering he might not see his next birthday.

Whatever Forrest is saying, my experience indicates he is comfortable with his decision.

20    I’ve done it tired, and now I am weak.   Drum Roll

Not much apparent info available I have to say, seems like a

A state of mind

Low possibility of it being a clue.

The time when this line was written may help in the decipher.

Maybe nothing to decipher at all. It is what it says.

21    So hear me all and listen good,      CRESCENDO!

    Good- possibility put here to rhyme with the word wood,

    Which may be necessary if “wood” is a clue.

    It does fit nicely though. Possibly another line of encouragement.

It does make sense to listen and give what follows in the poem more consideration when a statement such as this is presented. 

Hear-ye, Hear-ye would have fit if the rhyme necessitated it.

Could be describing the next two lines. Probably, Pretty darn sure.

22    Your effort will be worth the cold.    Brass instruments

    Cold- in the water, subject yourself to the wild,

    Don’t expect your journey to be an easy one

    Exposing yourself to the elements.

Rhymes with gold

Manner in which some people act

Containing pale blue or gray

Artist terminology, to describe color

May not be relative to human comfort

        I don’t feel anything slapping me in the face, I may be immune.

Forrest has seen the treasure; he is supporting/encouraging you to make the journey because he knows it is darn well worth it.

This line has an exceptional probability of being a clue. It is straight forward speaking; it follows the line of listening good.         Move this up the line as a clue. Possibly more than it reads.        Be prepared. Now I’m not so sure it is a clue.

For “cold” to be a clue it means something, simple or complex.     I would consider cracking other clues first, this may fall into place. 

Let it dance among where warm waters halt and in the wood

23    If you are brave and in the wood    String Instruments

Wood-  It could be a state of mind, tree, wood pipe, water pipe, Hunt, crazy, nuts, covered by leaves, a basket, the limelight                 A hollowed out tree, maybe slang for stage coach, theatre stage     Outside in the wilderness, phone pole, place.

    How about a game people play or have played in the past?

    A competition where in the wood is the goal or opposite

    Something that involves the Native people of the area

    Translate the word wood into Spanish and see if that helps.

It could very easily be the ninth Clue to the solve.

It may or may not be connected to cold.

    It’s a situation where it could be extremely important or a filler sentence.

There is a possibility this could have a use that is obscure to our current use of the English language. 

I have a reasonably high rating for this line as a clue and climbing.      The later it gets, the prettier she looks.

Same obscure possibility for the word Brown.

How about inside a big fat tree that has been severed 7-8 ? Feet from the ground Either by man or naturally, where the top has deteriorated

An area where logging took place and the trees were not removed.

Whether “wood” is a clue remains to be seen. I do think that it is though, an important one. If it is, it has to be one of the last if not the last clue.    A head scratcher. 

A specific location or a generalized one.

The color or name of an element

It’s possible to have a solve and apply this clue to specific sight,      should there be more than one.

“In there” from the first line maybe associated with wood 

Brave- To show courage, A fine appearance

24    I give you title to the gold.     Entire Orchestra-Standing-O

    Title- being the champion on a sports/search team

    The right or claim to ownership

Mr. Fenn must actually convey ownership. He may have left his chest unattended in the boonies. That does not mean it is not still his. If by chance he was no longer with us, others may file a claim of ownership without having granted title.

Find the gold and it’s all yours baby!

Points to Ponder:

Initially I would consider the poem itself and don’t read too much into it.

Timberline is around 11,000 to 12,000 feet. Stay below.

I did read a post that discussed coordinates I thought was interesting. Who’s to say I absorbed it because it fit my search area. Keep an open mind. 

It is Entirely possible every single word in the poem is fluff and you must look entirely at something else.  i.e. punctuation frequency and number, quantity of letters, lines, vowels and who knows what else. Now let’s say you have a set of numbers now what? A whole new set of challenges. 

One possibility is longitude/latitude coordinates. They would have to be for the start point not the monetary treasure we all desire; Resolution requirements.

I have seen people calculating squares, tangents, hypotenuse, 3 pi.

I’m thinking if you have three pies. I will bring something and we can share.

Don’t get me wrong, cipher has the potential a portion of being the solve. I would recommend looking at the poem at face value, nothing hidden but the chest.

There very well may be a hidden code of some type that requires arithmetic.

Forrest does have a background that does include code, therefore I would not eliminate the possibility out of hand.

I haven’t spent any time analyzing it from that standpoint.

That being said I counted:

8 periods, 13 commas, 1 semi, 6 nada, 1 question and 4 contractions

My perspective has been jaded by the belief I had a solve for the initial location, which who knows, may be valid. The right spot or not, it fits many of the clues. You can retrieve the outfall coordinates of any sewage treatment plant on the net. 

As time passes the luster on my jade faded. I realized it just need more polish.

Forrest is in the business of Art. It only makes sense that art oriented clues are part of this poem

KISS to start with please, there is a lot of help here

For years I have been looking for a different word for the second S, because of the negative connotations associated with the word stupid. After all this time it is right back to KISS.

Use this opportunity provided by Mr. Fenn to expand your thinking, your knowledge, your education. Not only for the poem but for your family and self as well.

Don’t mess with the poem

    A comment made by Forrest when asked about two of the words not rhyming. The clues are in consecutive order.

Don’t try and solve this by yourself get as big a team together as possible that will be productive. Read it yourself first, take notes. Then discuss it with colleagues.  If you want to invite a glass of wine. No concern if the glasses don’t match       or that they were made for coffee.

I remember a show many years ago about a law class. The professor handed out more work than feasibly possible. Finally, one realized if they worked with the other teams, they could divide up the work and all could achieve their goal.

At a company I worked for many years ago, we had a team training meeting.  We were lost on the moon, given a list of 30 items. i.e. water radio gun tent and asked to rate their importance as individuals. Then as a team. Only one individual out of 30 scored better than his team.

I share these stories to emphasize the importance of teamwork. 

Not associated with a structure

    This does not mean your start location cannot be a structure, 

house, garage, dwelling- think fire department.

Doesn’t mean it can either. 

Searchers within 200 feet. Indicated in an email. Really means nothing at this point. Don’t dwell on insignificance, save your focus for the starting point.

I have a serious concern about just walking up to the chest and viola,

There it is. That would allow it to be found without solving the poem. 

I think it has to be covered by something. Inside a tree or other wood definition.

Stashed amongst some rocks, just out of sight. Top of/in/under something protruding from the ground. Then drawing nigh will be necessary.      Creativity, imagination, past experiences and teamwork may provide a solution.

Somewhere it cannot be accidently found, readily.

I realize the chest being covered in some way increases the complexity of the poem. If you have a solid solve for the start location, don’t let the possibility of it being hidden deter you from your quest.

With all the time and research you apply to this poem. It boils down to one thing, properly identifying the initial start location.

Two Trips-why? 

I think it is something like 2x2x3 to the fourth power, on the possible answers for this one. Just kidding I have no idea on the possibilities. 

I have never pondered so much in my life.

I wonder if he didn’t have a prototype that set in place for a period of time.

His first trip was to verify his trove would perform as desired.  

If his chosen place included water flow, he would need to know if the spot would be suitable. The second trip was to place the entire trove.

Two trips-half/half maybe. A quick calculation of weight. 200 oz. troy equals  13.68 pounds avoirdupois. With other contents, the weight may be half/half.

A trip for the contents only would necessitate repacking the chest in the field.  Not so practical considering you may be tired or even wet. All we can technically deduce from this is: One trip contained at least part of the treasure.

Consider this as well. I have hiked many miles in the Colorado Rockies.     Where there is no trail, the flora and terrain make walking very difficult, even with just a walking stick and water. With this in mind I think a maximum distance of 1,000’ from his car would be something to consider. Whatever distance you reference, it will be times four. I may have been remiss in not mentioning the fauna too.

Think about some other reason for two trips. Visualize.                   Not too much, it really isn’t a clue that was included in the poem             It is fun banter that will impede your progress.

Give some consideration to the box being “perfect.” Size, materials, mass, origin. Not much. If you are lucky it won’t matter

Don’t let comments about being wet be a deciding factor. Everything outside will eventually get wet. Find it any weather means reduced possibility of being below the surface of the water. Not a sticking point. Go when the chipmunks are out.

I am of the belief there is something I have presented that will help you on you journey. Presenting it in a positive, informative manner came natural.          I looked at many angles. 

As thorough as my information Is, I can sit here comfortable in the knowledge that I have not conjured up all the information that is necessary for the solve. Painful as it is can be, we must recognize our weaknesses too. If I were that great, I would be writing descriptive words in relation to a newfound treasure trove and my big head.

Any size land or other formation that’s looks like a giant artist’s palette, with colors surrounding it. Then use artist’s interpretation of the warm, cold        and the Brown, wood clues as well.                                  After I thought of this I decided to look. Redondo Peak in New Mexico looks just like an artist’s palette to me. Check out a satellite image. I showed it to others and they could not see it. The large one in the center is the thumb and the surrounding cerros are the colors. Imagine it from an airplane. I remember Aspens in the mountains. There are also a hot springs, controlled water flow, a volcano and a history of logging. 

Some satellite images are better. They can be choreographed as a paddle wheel as well.

Now go find the treasure.  Somebody  Anybody

Preferably a team of people, include grandma, the kids and Karma 

Bring it back. So we may all appreciate its:






And any other good adjective you can think of to describe it.

Up to this point everybody has been in it for themselves. Me too, I tried and was unsuccessful. Some folks have added some very good information on various sites, I believe the majority of them read the poem once or twice, had a thought and shared it. You are good people. Too bad I don’t have all that data to share as well. Some have answered my questions, for that I thank you.

Sometimes I expressed my thoughts as though they were fact. It cannot be.

There are absolutely no hidden clues in this writing whatsoever. I may have spaced one way or capped different, hit the nail on the head. It is all coincidence and means absolutely nothing.

Here is my back pocket: 48 US Dollars, that’s it.

Now I have shared my thoughts, research and prodded your thinking. 

Gave you a solid foundation, that may even assist you with an inside draw play.

So your treasure may be found. And the gold too!

Those that coordinate a good team of challengers will be the ones with a distinct advantage. I can’t stress teamwork enough. One thing that makes the US       a powerhouse is our differences.

If any individual had the ability to figure this out I believe it would have already been accomplished. The chest has a whole new patina.                    Don’t go searching alone regardless.

I shared this story with my dad.                                      His story.

Denver, radio station, hunt, gold coin, hints on radio, had to divulge. On top of a head of a 15’ statue in park

My wife

Very elderly gentleman, find my treasure its yours, Years go by somebody finds it under a rock nobody believed could be moved. 

Something I probably should mention, although it was not in my initial drafts.

It does not give me pleasure to mention it.

I do not believe this is a hoax.                                         I have studied his writings, watched his videos.                          And now read his book “The Thrill of the Chase.”

I believe this is a genuine offer from a bona fide individual.

Now go find your treasure, it may be closer than you think.

Keep your eyes peeled, there is more to see in a forrest than a chest.

Rejoice in the emotions. Embrace the excitement the journey has to offer. Anticipation, Cravings, Butterflies, Hope… 

“Feelings only a free man can feel”   

Go find your treasure. 

If you are lucky maybe you can find Forrests’ treasure. 

if you are cunning and wise maybe you will find the gold.

Don’t let this treasure hunt have a negative impact on your life, Maintain your responsibilities as a productive member of society.


I added the summary right before publishing. It may contain babbling that does not necessarily match with what I indicated before. Some may even contradict. That’s OK. I am not claiming they are answers, only stimulation for your brain neurons. 

My impression at this point is, there are four clues in the poem.              This is where I would concentrate my efforts.

Where warm waters halt

Home of Brown

Worth the cold

In the wood

I am thinking the first two are to be discovered and located on a map.

I have no clue, written or otherwise that indicates you have to have an idea to a particular word then find it on the map or if you can locate something on the map, initially. 

Maybe there is another clue or subtle hint that would help in the poem, or possibly the book.   “Move with confidence.”

Don’t scold the kids for not fully comprehending what is going on and not cooperating on the search. Safety is family first.

First two are the map clues, maybe as many as four

Warm and cold could be describing color

The second two may a have little more difficulty seeing on a map.

Be creative

Technically you can locate anything on a map.  Maps encompass all.

I am leaning toward cracking at least one of the first two clues, two would be better. Reference that information to a map. Internet maps with satellite images are best. Google maps are better than Apple maps. Closer, brighter.

At first I did not get enough credit to Forrest’s background. Adding the artist angle opened a whole new solve location. Another example of when someone says:    I think it was the butler in the pantry with the candlestick.                 They are not wrong.

The palette view from the sky is becoming more vibrant. The area has all the    necessary components to fit the poem.

I could see a longitude, latitude for the initial start location only.

There was a Viet Nam POW that blinked Morse code on camera. If this is to be, what other clue would you give up?

It does not matter to me who shouts Eureka.

Good family communication is a treasure in itself. 

I searched my solve and nothing. I will not go back and search any other location.

Imagination    Perseverance   Communication

Intuition   Reasoning   Karma   And maybe a little plain old luck… 

will be passengers in your quest, for that elusive key to the chest.

As I have stated before. I do not have the chest nor have I found it. 

If I had, you would see my face on a TV show, simple as that.

Plan thoroughly and don’t take unnecessary chances.

Remember Forrest was around 80. As fit as any, but 80 nonetheless.

If you would like to participate. email me and I will add the info to the website. timrawa@yahoo.com Please be positive oriented in your communication.

Any emails that crack on me for my website, English, spelling, grammar or any other mistakes I may have made on the typewriter, will have their email communication blocked. No negative vibes on emails whatsoever. I set up this site to aid searchers in the quest for the treasure of a lifetime. I have absolutely no time for anyone that reads all the information I provided and decides to tell me there is a flaw in some miniscule nothing. It will do nothing more than reflect on your own personality.

My Solve: 

Under the creek bed, possibly covered by small branches and dirt at the outflow pipe of the Cuba NM waste water treatment facility

A waste water treatment facility.

Take a deep breath and say nothing until you have given it due process

        Now think about it some more and consider other lines of the                 poem. HOB, HLWH, NPUYC

Forrest wanted to be with his with his treasure.                  Let’s step back and let me ask you this. Where would you want your remains? Your thoughts and feelings are as valid as mine.

Examples I thought of: 

                                                       On a mesa overlooking the valley and beyond.                    In the river where you can be dispersed over the          watershed and be amongst all.                                             A water flow that may take you underground or out of sight.

How many places can there be where you could go and lay down    and not be discovered? Two trips in one afternoon.             OK more than I can count. If you were to hole up at, near or in the treatment facility. You may not be noticed. no smell to be concerned about, few lookie-loos. If it were inside the outfall pipe, or behind the falls, tucked among the support rocks. Anywhere in the surrounding area. Even less chance of discovery.

It’s possible the reason Forrest didn’t carry out his final plan is because his actions would have revealed the location. He would have to leave his car or other evidence close to the scene and the trove would have been found within days, which would have taken the spirit from the hunt.

After seeing the palette from the sky, this potential solve fell way down the list.

Something to consider: Family vacation

You looking for a nice vacation for the family with the search as a secondary consideration?

Start Here: 35.795952 Latitude /106.603418 longitude.

These latitude figures have been deciphered from the a story, and the longitude from the poem. The degree numbers I specifically chose. The numbers past the degrees have been picked by process of elimination.

I have no idea as to their accuracy or even if a clue at all.

Learn about:

Mud pots Sulphur Springs, hot springs, Fenton Hill Geothermal area. Locate the structurally controlled lateral outflow that delivers water to the Jemez Springs system.

Learn about volcanos

    Pyroclastic flow





The canyons, streams, trees, rocks, cavates, fumaroles

Its history, Logging, geothermal, mining, ancient people

Translate all of the surrounding mountains, valleys, canyons, streams….

Take all of this info and compare it to the poem

Use your maps for the entire area.

An education and an experience to last a lifetime.

In Honor of Curious George: Happy 75th birthday George.

Additions from the original evaluation:

Tired/tires, driving his car

Keep an open mind on what you believe are the nine clues

Paddle and drawing have some cross reference in their definitions.

The end is ever drawing nigh might not be a clue at all A statement.

Hint: Hunt, or something that maybe taken advantage of.

Consider eliminating: Your effort will be worth the cold. As a clue.

Even after all the hours I have in the solve.  I am not 100% confident of the nine clues.  Where I am leaning at this point. 

Lines 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,23 and a code for a general start location.

In there, and I’ve done it tired, are supporting hints 

It is possible cold is the bronze box. This would free up another line or room for a code clue. How things change in regards to clue interpretation over time.

With reference to the jars in the book, consider having to twist or remove a top of some kind. Associated with wood? 

To:  Mr. Forrest Fenn

Thank You Sir.

Expending my time and effort on your challenge has been very rewarding. I learned a few new Spanish words, bantered with friends ventured out into nature.

Thank You for challenging me personally, in an effort to surmise a solution for the key components of your poem. For making me think and be creative.

I learned about things I never would have. I created this content and a website,  

I assure you, that would not have happened otherwise.

I learned about New Mexico waste water permitting.

Sage and pine trees, I observed three turkey vultures on my quest.

I saw a mesmerizing view of the Milky Way in the Arizona desert that I have never seen the likes of before. It is an indelible impression I may not have appreciated in days gone by.

Thank You for giving us inspiration, an opportunity to fulfill dreams and a chance     to grow and learn the ways of the world past and present. Enlightening us to a treasure more valuable than gold. 

On behalf of all of us, 

Thank You so much Mr. Fenn.


Timothy R. Walker



Forrest FeNn